Milana Artishuk


Milana artishuk is my name but they call me MEL for short. So why not make that my photography name and attach it to the begging of my last name and be MelArtPhotography. MMMM perfect! Photography has been a passion of mine but I never thought it would actually become something big. I started photography in 2015 and fell in love. Being able to capture moments for people, has made me realize that you can’t come back to those moments in life but you can look back at the frozen moments that where captured and relive that moment with the memories in hand. Not only is this my full Time job but a ministry that God blessed me with. I Love serving and helping others and this is a way I could do it with the talent He has given me.

So don’t be shy and lets set a date to capture the special moments you want to hold on to forever.